Customer service 👎🏻

@Bulb and still I find your customer service and interaction poor. My latest dealings with you regarding an issue just confirm to me that you’re not really interested in helping customers and providing good customer care.

Whilst still having issues and having been in contact by email with someone at Bulb over the last week (the last time being just two days ago to tell them their ‘fix’ didn’t work but I’d try it again), they email me today to say that as it’s been five days since they heard from me they were closing my ticket and to start a new email thread if any further issues! I emailed two days ago! You know I was still having issues! Is that how you’ve dealt with by just closing the ticket?!

Well, not that it will make much difference but I’ve sent you a new email and copied and pasted the whole email thread from the last week so you can see the issue and that you last heard from me only two days ago.

I’ve had a few issues with Bulb in the last couple of years and none have gone smoothly. I’ve even had compensation for their poor service on two occasions. Why can’t you just communicate better and really try and help your customers? A