Customer Service?

Just transferring to Bulb and haven’t had a good experience so far.
Transferring two properties. Receive two emails (one for each property) asking for meter readings. Sign up for the first, then sign up for the second, but because I’ve already done one it brings up that property every time.
I want one web portal and be able to select a property, but it seems Bulb can’t cope with this.

I email (because they work office hours ???) who does that any more, so I can’t phone in evening and weekend. No reply to email. REALLY?

Anyone else having this problem?

I want to talk ti some one!!!

Hi @Allyson, they can cope with multiple properties on the web interface but if you don’t currently have a drop down showing on your MyBulb page, they will need to manually link this up for you.

Out of interest, when did you send the email?

There are always going to be some differences with Bulb compared to other companies, and as a young company, some niggles, but for their prices and openness, a (current) lack of evening and weekend support is something I personally think is a fine compromise.
With the rollout of pre-pay meter support later this month, support must legally be provided on evenings and weekends, but whether this will extend to limited credit account support at those times as well remains to be seen.

@Plodding, they currently provide phone support Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 (0300 30 30 635).
You can also message them on the web chat (bottom right of this page) if you’re happy with a not quite so instant communication method that’s a bit more personal than email.

Mowcius - thanks for your comment. Good to know they can cope with multiple properties. Problem I have at the moment is I’m supposed to submit a meter reading, but can’t because I can’t register my second property. It would be great if they explained this.

I will call them tomorrow. I’m sure it will all iron out, and I get that they’re new, but in a highly competitive market, this sort of niggle is just irritating.

Thanks again

It would be great if they explained this.
I've personally not had any issues but from a number of threads I've seen on here, it does seem like their communication for new members can be lacking at times, especially as they do a few things a little differently to other suppliers.

I hope they can get it all sorted out for you tomorrow.

Hi @Allyson Sorry that your online account wasn’t showing your two properties, I’ve fixed that for you now and you should be able to select both properties using the drop-down menu on the dashboard.

@Plodding Sorry we aren’t available on the phone on the weekends, but if you give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, we’ll be available til 6pm today to help you out with any queries.

Sorry to both of you that you haven’t had the fastest service that we’d like to give you - it is something we are constantly working on and I am sure your experience with Bulb will improve!