Customer support greater than 4 business days

Can any one tell me what the current customer support delay is

I have now waited 4 business days and still no responce.

For email: At least a month.

Your best bet is to phone or use the webchat.

Hi @wmeads001,

Really sorry that you haven’t received a response for your email yet, we’re working to improve our service all the time.

If you need assistance urgentlty, please call or chat us.

James :slight_smile:

Still no responce to email so tried to phone today. The initial message said i should email as staff working from home and not manning phone lines. As i had already been waiting for support for 4 days i decided to phone. The wait was only 4 minutes but was told they would not deal with my call and i should send an email. I explained that they did not read their emails but unfortunately they did not listen and did not follow the script so they just kept repeating the script.

Ok so i then this evening decidedto try chat. Go through after a minuite but what i did not realise was chat finishes at 18:00 and i was just cutt off at 18:00 and just left staring at the no answers/ responces on the chat until i realises i had been dumped with out notice.

Not sure where i am now with my query as the chat was not concluded

How many times will the Bulb team say they are working to improve service, this seems to have been the case for a number of months?

Can you please provide the statistics on time to answer telephone calls, email and chat? Plus what statistics do you have on how these were dealt with to the satisfaction of the customers?

Please see:


What i think is happening on email is the fact they are not sent using the web form A bulb agent has just told me they have not received any help email/form from me i suspect they attempt to send an email to them selves using my email address as the person who sent it. This will fail like any other spammer attempting to send an email from an unknown server.

Bulb should make this clear on their form what will happen. perhaps this is why so many email requests are ignored as noted on this forum

Try registering a Zendesk account here using the same email address you use for Bulb, and you’ll see if any of your emails have made it through to the service desk.

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Hi @wmeads001, I can see that you received an email yesterday afternoon from one of our advisors who is working on your case. Please reply directly to that email if you have any specific questions. - Sam

Yes for the specific query I have i am dealing direct (at least trying) i spent 2 hours trying to engage on chat but it was so busy it kept dropping and at least one agent closed the chat when they realised the issue would take some time. I finally gave up and decided to phone. Got straight through (not the usual 20 minute wait) and I explained that email sent last monday and still no responce and the issues with chat and the fact that only half a job was done by the previous agent
That was when she said no email received from my web form submission despite getting an acknowledgement at the time. She very kindly agreed to have a look and the email you refer to was as a result of that call i made yesterday. The email earlier in the week was the result of a chat that got cutt off as noted in the above followup but that person only did half of their job and why I had to go back yesterday. Hopefully in a couple of days the outstanding electricity meter exchange will reach Bulb and they can marry up the smart meter readings with my account.

Thanks for your response @wmeads001. I apologise for the delays you have received regarding your meter exchange, and also for the delays you have had contacting us this week.

Unfortunately we have started working remotely this week which has meant we have had to prioritise out live chat service from 9am - 6pm and dedicate the phone lines for emergencies only. This is a relatively new area for us, but we are still committed to giving the best service we can over the coming weeks.