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Why do I not receive accurate bills despite submitting readings. My daughter realised I had been submitting inaccurate readings. So we started to send photos of actual readings. Despite this, I’ve been advised to increase my DD. Tried to contact Bulb, no response
I also don’t understand why I’m submitting two readings, despite not having economy 7.
I asked for a smart meter, told to take pictures and get a report done from electrician, at a cost of £90 to me. I’m 60 years old, can’t climb on a chair or easily reach the meters What’s wrong with Bulb

Hi @mechelle,

I’m sorry you’re not receiving accurate statements.

If we have had a history of inaccurate readings from yourself then the account wouldn’t automatically accept the new correct readings as it would recognise they are different.

It sounds as though we need to look into your account in some more detail if we are asking you for two readings but you only have one on your meter.

We only have emergency phone lines open at the moment but my colleagues on live chat would be able to investigate all of this for you.

I think you misunderstand. Apologies. When I purchased the property it had 2 x economy 7 heaters; which I never used and had removed before my first winter. I had a new heating system installed. There are 2 meters in situ, one for day and the other for night. But remember I do not have economy 7. So why am I supplying day/night readings?
I’ve been asked to send photos of the readings I’ve supplied, so why can Bulb amend as accurate readings?

Unless you did something to change the property from dual-rate to single-rate, which with traditional meters would require a physical meter swap, then you’re still on E7. You say you still have two meters, therefore you’re still on E7 and need to provide both meter readings. Simply having a new heating system installed doesn’t change that. After your heating system was installed and you no longer required cheap-rate over night electricity, you needed to contact your supplier and get your meters replaced for a single-rate meter, and if I understand correctly it sounds like you didn’t do this.

You might well have to have some work done on your electrical installation to make it compatible with a new meter and this will have to be done at your own cost. From your first post above it sounds like you’ve already know about this but haven’t had the work done yet.

As Chloe said, because you’ve been submitting wrong readings, the system has got used to seeing those readings are “normal” and now reject your accurate readings because they look “wrong”. As to why Bulb can’t sort it out after you supply photos, that’s because they’re useless, and lots of people report the same issues on here in trying to get “odd but correct” readings to be accepted.

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Hi @mechelle,

Thanks for explaining a bit more.

We would still need readings from both of the meters if they are both providing you electricity.

I’m going to email you now and have a look for the photos you’ve sent in, we should be able to clear this all up via email. :email: