Customise refer link

I am thinking about using the fantastic refer scheme as a fundraiser for my hockey club. Get them all to switch and transfer the credit from my account to the hockey club.

It would be nice if the refer link could be /WallingfordHC rather than /David9424

Could there be an option to customise the link?

I am about to refer a friend but I am not conversant with the proceedure

@david9424 customising is not as easy as we wished. We can do the customisation, but it will take a few days. I will look into this for you and let you know when it has been done.

@albert your friend needs to use to sign up (instead of just the regular

Hi @david9424 – I’ve spoken to the tech team and unfortunately, we’re not actually able to change your display name to WallingfordHC rather than David9424.

Sorry for this bad news!


That’s a shame - Thanks for looking into it. Can you add it to the ‘proposed changes’ list so the community could vote on it for future change

@david9424 of course. We want to gather as much feedback on our service as possible!