Daily Charges increase

So it would seem that from April I will be paying around £21 a month just on standing charges, I noticed that the Gas meter has gone up a lilttle, but the electric meter charge is almost double. How do you justifiy this.

Most people are struggling as it is, with companies almost doubling the cost of Gas and Electric to then increase the daily standing charge is robbery, serioulsy £21 a month for meter charges.

How do you work this out

I can’t post a link, but this is the answer given by OFGEM to the Money Saving Expert website:

As you can see from the table above, the standing charge for electricity is set to rise massively from 1 April – from 24.88 pence per day to 45.34p.

With the massive rise in wholesale prices over the last six months or so mainly caused by an increase in gas prices, many are asking why there is such a heavy hike to the electricity standing charge.

We asked Ofgem this question, and it told us the rise is due to:

  • The cost of moving everyone whose firm went bust to new suppliers.

  • Increases in fixed network costs (the cost of maintaining the energy networks).

  • An increase in policy costs (such as green levies and the rise in the warm home discount rebate).

Thank you for your answer

I take note that it is out of Bulbs hand, but it just seems such a lot to pay, more so than ever with so many people struggling to afford to heat thier homes. £21 could of gone towards paying the gas bill.

Again Thanks for responding