Daily Electric Useage

Hi All, I’m new to smart meters. I though they allowed you to see your usage by day or even by hour. I’ve logged into my account and it just shows one reading dated 30th April and no further information. Is there any way to see how much electric has been used each day since then?

Hey @RWB_Nick - welcome to our Community page!

I’ve had a quick look at your account and can see we’re receiving regular meter readings from your smart meter each month. Have you set the readings to come through daily or half hourly? If not you can do that here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/meter-settings

Having them set to the most frequent setting will then give us enough information to update your energy use chart.

Your IHD should also show how much you’re using each day if you want to check that as well :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

I have the same issue. IHD working fine but the only recent meter readings showing on the app or website are those I’ve submitted myself. Bulb said they were receiving them regularly from the smart meter bur they clearly were not

Hey @Chuggy

Looks like your meters recently fell of the Home Area Network. I’ve requested a Comms Hub Reboot with the DCC to try and reconnect them for you. It’ll take a couple weeks to get the results but in the meantime manual reads would be great.

I’ve also let my colleague know who you’ve emailed that we’ve done this as well :blush:

– H :bulb:

Neither your website or the app are showing meter readings since 03 may other than those I’ve submitted myself. Yet you insist you are receiving smart meter readings. Surely this is not correct ?

Hi @Chuggy - I’ve taken a look and you’re correct that we haven’t received a reading from your meter since 3rd May. This is why my colleague @holly_at_bulb has requested a ‘Comms Hub Reboot’ with the DCC to get them up and running again. :slight_smile:

This was requested 8 days ago, so we should have an update by next Thursday.

Morning Jim and thank you for your response. I’ve been offered an opportunity to switch to your ev tariff because by monitoring my usage I’m apparently using power from 2am to 6am. Please tell me how my usage is being monitored if my smart meter is not communicating with you???

Good morning Jim. Well, that’s Thursday been and gone. Are you now receiving the readings ??.
Regards, C

Hi @Chuggy :wave:

We haven’t yet received the results from this reboot. Sorry for the delay, but reboots in the North region are managed by a different company and can take a bit longer. They are generally ready 6 weeks after we submit the request.

Cara :bulb:

I updated to half hourly on 24th May but the meter readings and graph on the website are making no sense. The readings show daily up to 3rd June and then stop and the graph has nothing on it except small amounts in 13/06 and 15/06. Can you see what the issue is?

Hi @RWB_Nick - I can see you have an email conversation open with my colleague as of yesterday. She’s looking into your case and will let you know as soon as there is an update. :slightly_smiling_face: