Daily Smart Meter Readings


Since I swapped to the “smart meter” my IHD has never worked, even after participating in your “fix” and apparently after today’s “We need to read your smart meter daily” you’re not getting my meter readings either!

Please tell me, in detail what you’re doing and when I can expect even the most basic of functionality?

Take this as notification in advance, if as a result of not taking my readings as promised you try to tell me I am in debt I will be looking to the ombudsman for help.

Great responses Bulb… thanks for all your help… oh wait, you ignored me :confused:

And you continue to ignore me… I think it’s time to switch and… to have a chat with the MSE guys…

Hi @rosswinter ,

Have you tried contacting Bulb directly via https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us#get-in-touch : this is just a community forum and it’s most other customers (such as myself) trying to help.