Daily usage chart on the app not fully working

The daily usage chart with in the app has not been fully showing the usage for a few days now.
I have only had a smart meter just under a month. I had the same problem two weeks ago that get fixed. Now problem has returned.
Hope to hear from someone soon about this. So it can be fixed.


Daily usage chart seems to have started showing up readings again. So hopefully it will keep doing so.
I take it Bulb customer service have started going downhill a little and now dont always answer peoples questions.
First email I sent about the problem got sorted with in 24 hours and all was fine. Second email I sent about 4 days ago as problem had returned has not been replied to and even the question on here has not been replied to but daily usage chart in the app seems to have started showing the readings again.
Bulb really need to keep trying to improve on there customer support service.


Hey @darrenney I’m sorry that you’ve not had a response to your follow-up email, but I’ve just checked your account and am glad to see that the usage data is still showing daily on your account.

Hopefully you won’t have any further connection issues with your smart meter