Daily usage graphs- how accurate?

I have been seeing my bills increase each month since September, which I had expected with the onset of autumn and winter, but not at such fast rate! So it has been very useful to keep track of the daily usage using the new graphs on the app.

My question is: how accurate are the graphs? The pattern on the graph does not seem to tally with my usage, especially the time on the x axis. The timings do not seem to correspond to the settings on the radiatiors, which I know come on at the right time. Does this mean the graphs are not accurate or could the time on my meter be wrong? This is important as I have Economy 7. I can see the change in tariff around 7am (not clear), but I can’t see it at midnight because of the spike showing standing charge and VAT (I think!) The IHD does not work, so I can’t use that.
Also, the graphs are showing usage when the flat is empty, and I know everything is switched off except for the fridge.

As you have been taking meter readings every half hour since the beginning of February, it would be really useful to receive a printout of the actual electricity usage in kws, rather than the cost. How do I go about requesting that?

I have a couple of suggestions for the usage graphs:
Show the usage in kws as well as cost, as this would be easier to track
Remove the standing charge and VAT cost from the graph, as the spike at the end of the day is confusing and I can’t read my usage between 11.30pm and 12.30 am.


The graphs are not accurate and they will never be because that’s how they make money out you. That’s also why they don’t keep meter readings for more than just under a year, so you can’t see how wrong they are with their predictions. I used to think this company was better than the other greedy companies but now i see it’s no better.

Thanks for the reply. I had hoped that a smaller company providing 100% green energy would have more ethical values.
I haven’t used only electricity before. I know it’s more expensive than gas heating, but I didn’t expect my usage to sky rocket as it has, even before the cold weather!
It’s frustrating not being able to talk to anyone on the phone. The robot online chat isn’t helpful. I’ve sent a private message. Let’s hope I’ll get some personal contact soon!

I think they used to be, but recently they seemed to have adopted the big six tactic of wanting more and more money on your account. They used to let you manage your own direct debit but only last week they changed mine from £89 a month to £119 and won’t let me change it back, stating that they do not believe I will be paying enough in to cover my usage, but my account is in credit and we’re heading out of winter so i don’t know what they expect me to be doing. We used to pay for our energy after we’d used it but they don’t like that, they want more and more up front. Director needs a new yacht i guess, and someone’s gotta pay!

Also, someone’s got to pay for all these smart meters and although they’re supposed to be free it’'s not going to come out or their profits is it now?

Hey @rachel10, welcome to Community!

The graphs are accurate to roughly half an hour, so they won’t show minute by minute usage exactly, but this won’t affect your Economy 7 as this is recorded differently so will always be accurate!

We don’t store your exact half hourly readings in a printable format as it would be too much for our system to store if we had this for every member, but I can send you a copy of the readings we use to bill your account if that would be helpful?

They are great ideas - we are always working on making our graphs better for you, so I’ll pass the suggestions onto the relevant teams!

All the best,

Hello Georgie,

Thank you for your reply.
Do you mean the readings on my statement? I don’t need a copy of those, thanks.
11 days ago I sent an email with further questions about my usage. When do you think I can expect a response?