Daily/weekly Usage charts no longer showing in app

Until recently I was using the ‘beta’ usage charts in the app and they were very handy, they now seem to have been removed.

Any chance they can be re-added to my account?


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I’ve reported this to them ages ago & left an app review regarding this and it’s still not working :rage: mines not worked since May.
It was a nice feature as you could take the readings for usage in £’s and work out how much in credit you would be near the end of the billing period.
Since this chart has stopped working managing budgets is so much harder!
Come one Bulb. Help your users manage their account! Not is more important than ever!!

They’ve never got my IHD working, so was the only way to monitor energy usage.

Shame there’s no way to claim a rebate for non functioning smart meters.

Was your IHD supplied by a different company? If so ask them to do a reset from their end. (If it’s a gen 2 smart meter).

Our was fitte by BG original and only electric worked, they did a reset and both are working now but I can take a few days.

But I did find the app a little easier to work with.
Yeah shame about the rebate on non working kit.