Dashboard not working?

When I go to my dashboard, there’s nothing there. It seems to work on my tablet but not on a pc. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi @gracie

Are you just seeing a blank blue screen when you try to go there on your PC?

For me to look into it I need to know some more about your PCs browser and device. If you go to http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and copy the link and send it back to me, I’ll be able to see all the info we need to try and reproduce the problem. The first step to solving it.

Also, what were you trying to do in your dashboard? Is it anything I can do for you while you’re not able to get into it?



Hi Will; yes, the screen is just blue. I just wanted to have a nose about as our switch to you guys took place today :slight_smile:

Thanks @gracie. Super useful. Looks like the site isn’t behaving properly with that browser which is a pain. I’ll raise it with our web developers to get them to have a look.

Definitely nice to have a nose around :slight_smile: If you use a different browser or device you should be able to log in.