Database updates and Profile Class 00

Hi there,

I spoke to @Daisy_at_Bulb from Twitter support recently regarding our MPRN having the incorrect postcode but correct street address. I was happy she resolved this quickly :grinning:

I just wanted to find out how long does this take to get reflected on the national gas database or are these instant and other energy suppliers (like Bulb) update their version of the database every X days/weeks/months?



I’ve just read a thread where a Bulb customer was told that it takes 4-6 weeks for this to get processed.

Reading the Xoserve portal, the energy supplier (Bulb) communicates with my Gas Shipper for them to update the records. Though the thread states they work with Morrisons Data Services, so they likely do these changes.

Hope this helps anyone else with address and reference point issues. I thought these changes might have been reflected when the database gets updated - nice to see my serial number on the MPRN finally after a month :slight_smile:

Hi @Henri_K,

Thanks for your post. You are correct - thanks for sharing this info with the rest of community.

As soon as I have an update on whether this has been completed or not, I will drop you an email.

Let me know if you need anything in the meantime

– Daisy :bulb:

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No worries, @Daisy_at_Bulb :slight_smile:

We are still awaiting updates regarding the smart issues - our move to British Gas is so that they can resolve the smart installation with the IHD and gas commissioning.

We have not received any news from either Bulb or British Gas regarding our move - I know it’s due on the 10th but it’s likely the database will not get updated in time and it might result in a rejected/partial switch where only the electric gets moved over.

From the customers on my new build, Bulb and EDF were the only company to move the gas supply - the rest of them, Octopus Energy, Scottish Power did not move people’s gas supply and just the electricity. Seems to be an occurrence over here.

EDIT: It seems British Gas did not communicate at all that they have rejected our switch for the 10th and that no record is on the national databases that they even attempted to switch us. Likely, they did not want to pay the fixed tariff prices from last month before the crisis.

Hi @Daisy_at_Bulb,

I have removed your post as a solution as British Gas has rejected our switch for a new reason - could you check if this legitimate or just another way of them not honouring the tariff prices from last month.

This time it’s now due to some incorrect meter information. I think it suspicious as British Gas originally supplied this address as part of the new build - this is their issue and if they produced this information onto the database and Bulb was fine switching us then I can’t see why I cannot be switched to British Gas again.

So in short:

  1. Electricity database needs the following information amended (if this is correct?)

Measurement Class from F to A
Profile Class from 00 to 01
SSC to 0393

  1. The gas database requires the address to be amended - the last letter of the postcode needs changing from a ‘P’ to a ‘F’ and the plot address Cxx can be removed as this is on the Royal Mail database.

I’ll try to leave a support ticket open for this - in case it does not get picked right away.

Edit: My mum spoke with Cameron at Bulb and he has requested the electric database to get updated. Thanks all of you :slight_smile:

Another update, I know where this issue stems from.

It is the half hourly meter readings offered on the Bulb settings - it changes the Measurement Class to F (with Profile Class 00), this is because this configuration is exactly what it means, half hourly meter readings.

I will be disputing the switch with British Gas (likely won’t get anywhere) as clearly this should not be an issue switching suppliers but in the future Bulb could potentially advise users that half-hourly meter readings can prevent people from getting moved over (!!)

You will know this as your profile class starts with 00 (the first top number after the S), this means your supply is seen as a business supply to some suppliers like British Gas - this is clearly wrong and needs addressing; Octopus Energy submitted a request to ECOES in 2019 for this to be corrected and was due to be fixed in 2020 but it seems not all energy suppliers have taken this into account (British Gas, looking at you :eyes: )

This is really bad as some people have unusable IHD like myself where I can use the Bulb app to view the energy usage, but it should have been mentioned somewhere; correct me if I am wrong?

Maybe Bulb could introduce the standard 01 Profile Class for us residential users that use half-hourly readings - this is how OVO Energy is doing it with their Half Hourly users without changing the ECOES at all?

For now, we’ve gone back to daily meter readings to prevent this issue in the future. I know the new supplier is definitely in the wrong and we are disputing this with them, it’s unlikely they will honour the tariff so we will stay with Bulb until the energy crisis calms down.

Checking the bills, I can see this change has happened quite recently and I am not sure who requested it or why - it seems your 30 minute smart readings has not affected this as I would have thought as Bulb have always taken 30-minute readings since we joined.

Statement date:
24 August 2021
S 01 801 100
01 September 2021
S 01 801 100
02 October 2021
S 00 801 456

What happened between the 1st Sept and 2nd October that made Bulb change our Profile Class, Measurement Class and Line Loss Factors to be different from the other bills.

Is it because we told you that we would be leaving for British Gas and tried to prevent us from switching?

Is this why our IHD has also been decommissioned when we complained about the gas meter being decomissioned?

Hmm. Maybe British Gas are right all along about this issue…

Hi - I checked out ECOES and my Profile Class is showing as 01 again :smile:

The SMETS configuration change to daily meter readings seems to have been applied overnight.

Checking on ECOES and SSEN - my profile class is back 01 using the unofficial XHR request (hurray for hacky approaches ssh) :slight_smile: .

1. addressLine1: "XX"
2. compositeAddress: "XXXXXXXXXXX"
3. hasValidRegDate: "False"
4. isDisconnectedMpan: "False"
5. isOnNetwork: "True"
6. isUnderObjection: "False"
7. lineLossFactor: "456"
8. meterTimeswitchClass: "801"
9. mpanCore: "XXXXXX"
10. postcode: "XXX XXX"
11. profileClass: "01"

So yes, confirmed that half-hourly meter readings does change your profile class to half-hourly which can prevent you from switching suppliers in the future. It would have been nice to have a warning message. Though it’s strange why this ever happened as it was always 01 before.

It seems when Bulb application changes the meter configuration to read daily instead of half-hourly the ECOES system recognises the meter is no longer reading half-hourly and changes the classes back to 01.

Well it’s too late for BG to honour the prices before the crisis.

We did made the change to smart readings to be daily instead of half hourly and informed Bulb to change the profiles back to how they were and it was fixed relatively fast within a couple of days :star2:

We have informed GTC Pipelines about the post code issue on our street as the new development of flats have changed our street post code on the database. So they are looking into why this block has had its postcode changed as it’s been about 3-4 weeks and it hasn’t been changed yet on the who is my gas supplier website.

EDIT 14/10 : Line Loss seems to be corrected recently back to the original values:

1. addressLine1: "XX"
2. compositeAddress: "XXXXXXXXXXX"
3. hasValidRegDate: "False"
4. isDisconnectedMpan: "False"
5. isOnNetwork: "True"
6. isUnderObjection: "False"
7. lineLossFactor: "100"
8. meterTimeswitchClass: "801"
9. mpanCore: "XXXXXX"
10. postcode: "XXX XXX"
11. profileClass: "01"