Day and night rate times?

Which one is day and which is night rate? It’s a liberty 100 meter fitted by Eon.

Also in the pictures you’ll see that imp R02 has symbols either side of it, what does this mean? Pictures were taken at 9.30pm! Symbols switched to R01 at 1.00am IMG_20200216_212400115 IMG_20200216_212352456

Suggest you go to the help and look under
" How to read your meter"

Not helpful at all, it doesn’t answer any of my questions

The easiest way to see which is which is to put the kettle on and see which moves faster Ro1 will be day and Ro2 night the symbols are just to distinguish

But I’m on a fixed rate so what time would the night rate start

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Usually between 22…00- 0700
Varies between regions