Day and Night rates for electricity

Reading the terms of our tariff, the charge for day and night consumption appear to be the same. Why is this and what is the point of recording them separately?

Some customers use the Economy 7 tariff and will be charged less for night-time consumption. Hence, night and day recorded separately.

welcome sounds like your on a 1 rate tariff, and have a 2 rate meter installed.

Hi @LJohnstone,

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And thanks for your suggestions @Anton59 and @richard.evans.home60.

It turns out you are right. You are on a 2 rate tariff but for some reason, the day and the night are being charged at the same amount. I am just checking in with our team on this one to see where it has gone wrong.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime

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Thank you Daisy
That’s helpful - so my understanding is that I have a two rate tariff (day and night) but by mistake I have been charged on a single tariff, the day tariff.
Can you look into this as soon as possible please and let me know the outcome.
Thank you

Hi @LJohnstone,

I am still waiting to hear back from our smart team. I have just re-raised the request and will let you know as soon as possible.

Sorry for the delay!

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Hi @LJohnstone,

Our smart team has been in touch. Your meter should be set up as 1 rate rather than 2 according to the national database (holds all the UK’s info on meters and their setups). And so even though your meter sends two readings we charge you on a 1 rate agreement.

Did you have a 1 rate meter before your smart meter was installed or have you always normally been on economy 7?

If you could also let me know if you have storage or immersion heaters that would be great?

– KT :bulb: