Day and Night time electricity meters

Hi. Please can you tell me what time of day I’m using electricity at the daytime and the night-time rates? Also, my meter has R1 and R4. I’ve assumed that R1 is daytime and R4 is night-time, is that right? Thanks!

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly when your meter switches over as your particular meter was designed to change its off-peak period based on radio signals. So we don’t know what it’s currently set to.

I can tell you that it will start at some point between 11pm and midnight and end between 6am and 7pm. It will always be for a period of 7 hours. The best way to check it to do the kettle test. Boiling the kettle uses a relatively high amount of energy in a short period, so between 11pm and midnight, boil the kettle, check to see which register is turning and use that to work out which one it is.

I can tell you that R1 is your day rate and R4 is your night though.

Hope this helps, and sorry I couldn’t be more conclusive.


No problem. Sorry I couldn’t be more definitive for you.