Day/Night Period for the Tariff

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I would like to know the time period for the Day and Night under the Vari-fair plan?


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The off-peak hours for Economy 7 meters usually fall somewhere between 10pm and 8am. The actual hours vary across the country, and they depend on the type of meter you have too.

Sometimes the off-peak hours are listed on or next to the meter itself.

If your meter doesn’t show your off-peak hours, there are a few ways you might be able to tell when it switches between peak and off-peak times, including:

  • watching the meter’s 2 readings to see when one reading stops going up, and the other reading starts going up
  • listening for a click when the meter switches (this might not always be audible)
  • if your meter is linked to your heating system, your heating may turn on when the meter switches to off-peak hours

I’ve checked yours out on our system and the hours are as follows:
Night/off peak: 00h30 to 07h30
Day/peak: 7h30 to 00h30

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They may also depend on the time of year, as some move with the clock changes between GMT and BST (and back), and some don’t.

Hi there, why is it so difficult to understand our day night rates?

Isn’t this something that can be added to the app and statements?

Could you kindly please confirm mine? The time now is 00:20 and my meter is showing 20.85p which would suggest it’s still on day rate.

I have an EV car and the clarity around charges and personal time tariffs currently do not support reducing costs for customers.

Improvement on clarity would be fantastic in this area.


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Thanks for posting - they’re all good questions.

With regard to getting this added to the app and statements, that’s really valuable feedback that we’ll pass on. That could be a really useful feature.

For your meter, the off peak rate generally runs from 12am-7am GMT. This means that at the moment, the off peak rate should be running from 1am - 8am as we’re in summer time. However, this is also subject to your meter itself. This off peak time frame can vary by up to an hour without your meter being faulty.

When you say that your meter shows the 20.85p, are you referring to your In Home Display (IHD)? You’re right, that’s your day unit rate, but the IHD doesn’t update immediately a lot of the time.

So, to see when your peak and off peak rates are exactly, you’ll just need to follow the instructions that @holly_at_bulb has put above. I know that you have smart meters, but I’d suggest looking at your readings at around 1am and seeing which reading is increasing on the meter. If you’re unsure on how to read your meter, we have a guide that might be useful.

The stakes are particularly high for you, owing to your EV. You have a first generation smart meter rather than a second generation smart meter. Sadly the EV tariff is only available to those with a second generation smart meters at the moment. However, for background, the EV tariff would offer cheaper electricity between 2am - 6am. If switching to this tariff, your meter would be configured to these timings remotely. This tariff would also move with the seasons (so that’d be 2am - 6am GMT and BST). Members on this tariff would need to set their charger on a timer to charge the EV during that period.

I appreciate that this is quite confusing and that it’s not possible to get a concrete answer necessarily. If you have any questions, please do let us know.

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Would you be able to tell me mine as well please.