Day usage graph on IOS App only shows electric and not gas

The day graph on my IPhone only shows electric usage but all other graphs (Week, Month and or year) show both electric and gas. The monetary cost is only shown on the first day, if you go further back in time the total is not shown.

Hi there @boffepa001

Firstly, welcome to the community :tada:

I can see your daily usage for gas, have you tried viewing it on a desktop?

Would you be able to send us a screen shot of the data charts so we can see what you mean?

You can send this in to



Thanks for the feedback. When looking at the Bulb App on my iPhone the Daily chart shows only electricity but the others show both electricity and gas.

Monthly Chart

Weekly Chart

Hi @boffepa001

That is strange, I’ll report it to the team who can take a look at any technical gremlins that could be at work :japanese_ogre: :crossed_swords:

For the time being, I’m glad the usage graphs on desktop are working as expected! :+1: