DBCH Roll Out Date?

Had a Smart Meter installed recently but the technician was unable to install the gas meter because the connectivity test failed (distance is <10m but probably walls are too thick). Was told a new meter was coming out soon and see that DBCH is likely to be the solution.
No further information when it might be available - I have a half smart system at present.
I might have expected that the technology would have been sorted out long before they installed millions of meters where 30% don’t work - government is good at wasting our money!

Hi @Pwb :wave: - welcome to Community!

Gas meters send their readings through a communications hub which sits on top of the electricity meter, so if your gas meter is more than 10m away from your electricity meter or if there isn’t a strong enough smart meter network coverage at your property, it won’t be able to send us readings right now.

New models of communications hubs are being developed by the smart network (The DCC) currently and once released will allow us to install smart meters in a wider range of homes. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read about these new communications hubs on the DCC website.

– Meg :bulb: