DD is increasing by £9 with £376.65 in credit. whom should i contact regarding this?

1)I have £376.65 in credit ,still my DD is increasing by £9. Can anyone from bulb can give reasonable logic about the calculation ?
2)I need this to be reduced, how should i proceed?
3)Also I have smart Electric meter ,but still i am asked for the readings. Won’t the readings are recorded automatically? how to resolve this?


You have a right to a fair dd as in your terms and conditions so complain, they have a failed buissness plan that’s why they are unable to attract any external funding ,by putting up your dd and everyone else’s while your in credit ,you are effectively providing the funding for this company to keep trading for free.


Your MP, the ombudsman, the newspapers and write directly to the bloke who owns the company-you will find his address on the internet. Cancel your DD and pay on demand.


You can also request a refund just leaving one month’s DD in account, unless you click to change overpriced DD it will remain the same as you currently pay… Hope this helps…

You can, but you won’t get it! They restrict how much they will refund on the app and in my experience that amount doesn’t follow their previous refund guidelines. They are currently holding 3 months additional payments of my partners and 1 of mine on top of the months payment they like to hold. It is impossible to reduce your DD on the app to a more realistic one. They have increased my DD by almost 100% from Nov 1st, even though I am in credit. They tell me my current payment will leave me with a £36 shortfall per month and yet they have increased it by over £60. I’ve cancelled my DD and will top up my account monthly with what I have used from now on.

Same situation here: We are £157 in credit and were already paying about £20/month above our use. They’ve taken our consmption from Aug 20th to Sept 30th as “one month” to justify increasing our DD by £30/month. Contacted Bulb and the best they can offer is only increasing our DD by £20… “to stop us going into debit”!

Same problem here , i am £285 in credit and they are increasing my payments by a further £13 a month ! , I did the online chat and they said they would reduce it back to the usual amount, which is still too much concidering the credit i am in but they haven’t , i am going to call them when they open on monday to see what the heck is going on, i worked in the industry until recently and have worked it out i was also previously paying about £20 too much too