DD not taken


My direct debit hasn’t been taken this month following a change in bank. However, the direct debit mandate is listed on my new account as ‘not debited yet’?

Can someone please respond to this?

Can someone please respond to this?

This is a public forum, possibly it would be more appropriate if you contact the Bulb team direct, you can find their details by clicking the Help button at the top of this page or the help link at the bottom of this page. The Bulb team will have details of your account which none of us fellow customer have.

@Dan1994 I believe that there may not have been enough time for the new Direct Debit to activate and request the payment with 5 working days notice as there have been a few bank holidays over the past few weeks. If you would like to catch up on the missed payment you can make a top up in your online account or let me know if you want me to request a payment and I can do this for you.