Dd payment failure

Hi, i had notification that my last direct debit payment had failed, another attempt would be made in 5 days. If that fails i would be charged £15. I checked with my bank, a direct debit for ‘Gc re bulb’ has been set up since 9th April this year. Could anybody at bulb look at the readon why. I should have more than enough funds in my account for the outstanding debit. Thanks

I had the same email Last Friday 3 June but my bank assures me Bulb took payment via DD on Wed 1st June. Called bulb today to sort out and it was like talking to the wall. It’s all my fault because I moved payment day from 26th of each month to the first. The advice I got today was the payment I made on 1st June (still showing as pending but money gone from my account)is the June payment but I owe them as I missed the May payment on 26 May. I’m £245 in credit so I told them to get stuffed as I have no intention of paying £260 five days after I had already done so which would put me over £500 in credit. I asked how much bloody credit they wanted me to be in. They said I would have to make a payment for May and then request that they repay the credit. My response was, I’m sorry…too busy for this nonsense…bye. I always thought Bulb customer service were ok compared to the other companies but this today has completely changed my mind. They are all as bad as each other

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Hi @nigel.studd

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I can see that your account payment has come through and a variable direct debit has now been set up correctly. Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

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Would you like to move over to a variable direct debit?

This means your direct debit will still stand but when your statement is produced each month, you will be charged for the statement amount. For example, if your statement in June states you’ve used £100 of energy, this exact amount will be taken via direct debit. If the funds are not available, and we cannot take the payment within 14 days of your statement date, you will be charged a missed payment fee.

This is a less flexible option in regards to higher statements, as all statements need to be paid in full, and does require you to give us meter readings unless you have a smart reading come through. So no more than 3 days before your statement to ensure an accurate bill. This also means you will not generate any credit towards your winter bill where bills are the most highest. - let me know if you wish for me to set this up on your account

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Hi, yes I do have a question. Who set up a variable direct debit for I certainly didn’t. Please put me back to where it was :confused:
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Why don’t you want a payment method that stops a build up of credit? Given that Bulb is in administration, I would want my money in my bank account, not theirs.

No-one did. @Suki_at_Bulb asked you if you would like to switch to variable DD.

Hi Suki,

Thanks for the reply. Yes i know i have variable dd set up. I have had it set up by Robyn at bulb in April. The first month (May) i had enough credit so that no money was taken using the DD. In June the system only needed to take £1.89 on June 2nd, i received a message via the bulb app saying that a transaction had failed and that i should check my bank details and whether i had enough money (i have). It also said it would try again 5 workjng days later and that a £15 fine would be levied if it failed again. I payed the bill via 'top up' using my credit card. I contacted bulb via online chat. The chap said he'd prevent regular payments as he couldn't see anything wrong. I assume i shall have to 'top up' after i receive my bill at the end of each month. I still don't know why the call on the DD failed.