DD Top Up Payment Timescales?

Hi all

I’ve had some “issues” with billing recently, meaning where I thought I was up to speed, it transpires not. No biggie. I put in a DD topup payment on the 14th for a substantial chunk of the debit on my account, but this is still showing as pending. Everything I can find says 3-5 working days.

Can I expect this to be cleared any time soon?


3-5 days is about the norm for DD payments, depending on the banks processing time

Hi @ada484103ed7619eac44 :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about the billing issues on your account but am really happy to see that this has been sorted.

I can see your pending top up, which should clear in a maximum of 10 working days. However, in most cases, the payment will be showing before then. As @mojo said, this depends upon a few factors such as weekends and which bank you’re with.

However, rest assured, there’s no issue and the credit will show in your account over the next week or so. Check your Bulb account next week, and let us know if the payment is still not showing.

I really appreciate your patience with the billing issues and payments. Any questions, please do let us know!

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: