Dear Bulb can you respond please

I sent you an email on 30/10/19 regarding my then upcoming direct debit and money in my account, I didn’t receive a reply, so sent a further email on 7/11/19, which I am still awaiting a reply on.

I have just tried to ring you and after being on hold for well over 5 minutes go bored of waiting.

can you please contact me regarding withdrawing my credit balance.

I will also note that you ‘swear jar’ page is still up ( and promises £10 compensation for each email not replied to within 5 working days, and each phone call not answered within 5 minutes, so could you add £30 to this sum please.



Nice tip re the swear jar - have been waiting four weeks for a reply to an email :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to hear back from you if you get a response, despite a great start a couple of years back they appear to abandoned their customer service the last few months.

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The swear jar is a great tip thank you. I have been waiting for a response since 23rd October, so I would also like to receive the £10 on top of an actual response. Thank you.

I am now waiting to a response from 3 emails! All I want is a statement. Bulb have been taking my money every month but not applying any charges. I have lost count of the phone calls I have made but it is still not sorted.

Well I finally received a stock email response yesterday where they didn’t actually respond to my query which I pulled them up on, lucky because it turns out I need to ring them, and after 20 minutes on hold I finally got through to them.

Anyway email guy said the swear box £10 is limited to once per month, I pointed out that it doesn’t say any such thing on any of the web pages I could find. I don’t know what info the email team has access to though, because when I rang phone guy said £30 goodwill had already been applied to the account, I pointed out it was now up to £50, he didn’t say anything about a limit, but swear box compensation is done once a month at the end of the month and the rest of the money will come then, so we will see.

I have exactly the same issue. I have sent 3 emails but had no response. I have not had a bill since May 2019. I had a smart meter fitted in June 2019.

My email was sent to Bulb on Oct 24th and related to the mess Bulb made of their usage calculations following the installation of my Smart Meter. I received the standard acknowledgement (not a reply to my query) on the same day saying " Thanks for emailing Bulb. We normally respond on the same day as receiving an email, but we’re very busy at the moment so it’s taking us 5 days" but nothing happened after 5 days or even 5 working days so I reminded them that I was still waiting. A number of subsequent reminders were also sent in which I have pointed out that they owe my £10 for failing to responding to my query but to date my query hasn’t been answered and there is no sign of any £10 credit to my account. Not only is this bad manners from Bulb, it is bad business and clearly from the postings here I am not the only one they are ignoring.