Death & executor

I am my mother-in-law’s executor. I have had to close down all her bank accounts to create an Estate Account which is being used to collect her assets and pay off debts. I have offered Bulb on numerous occasion to make an interim payment before the sale of the house when the final bill will be read. Bulb maintains an obstinate refusal to talk to me: instead threatening me with a debt collection agency if I do not set up a direct debit (which the Estate Account is not set up to perform). ADVICE: Do I ignore Bulb’s annoying texts and emails demanding a direct debit: await their eventual decision to contact me (even if this is through a debt collection agency) or should I sue Bulb for their continuing harassment?

Send them a certified copy of the death cert and proof of right to estate account, if they ignore let them waste time, effort and cost with debt collection, because the debt will be in the name on the account which in this case obviously cannot be enforced … They cannot threaten YOU withdebt collection unless you are named on the bill

Not so sure… the debt will be against the deceased (their property) and therefore the estate of the deceased, as executor for the estate the executor may well be responsible to sort out any debts within that estate.
That being said I would detail all the relevant info (including what Joanne 2711 has stated) and email to Bulb and keep copies of all emails.
In theory it should then be up to Bulb to act on the information you have given them, if they don’t then you have email proof that you advised them as executor to the deceased.