Debt and electricity use has suddenly become huge

All of a sudden Bulb seem to be saying I’m using massive amounts of electricity and my debt to them has shot to over £1000, plus I got an email from them saying that I had use over £320 worth of electricity in less than a month!

I have no idea how this has happened. I BARELY have a light on in my small one bedoom flat and there is no way I am using that much.

I am currently in the middle of an incredibly stressful ombudsman case with Scottish Power who made an erroneous transfer last year without my permission, and it has been hellish trying to get them off my back, so this is the last thing I need.

I genuinely love being with Bulb, but I have no idea where these massive numbers are coming from, not can I in any way afford the amounts that they are asking.

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First question - How often did you submit meter readings?

Three, maybe four months apart? Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

It’s the fact that they specifically said that I had used £381.47 of electricity since the 23rd of July which is impossible.

Alright. Here’s what id do, without being a part of bulb, and knowing the specifics, I’d start with looking at your bill, your latest one.

On page 2 of your bill, there will be a bit about meter readings. On the day you bill was produced, there’s going to be this:
Have a look how that reading compares to your meter. if your meter a value relatively close to that, it is due to you not submitting meter reading often enough, or a faulty appliance that’s taking a lot of power.

I’d also have a look at all of your bills, to see if bulb was underestimating your usage at some point, then you submitted a reading that was higher than what they thought, so they have increased the DD

Either way, i’d start submitting meter readings monthly, preferably a day before your bill.

Ok thank you for the advice.

Hi @K.Mifune and welcome to Bulb Community.

I can appreciate that high bills are stressful and you want to get this sorted. We recommend submitting readings at least every three months to keep your account balance accurate.

I can see the issue that’s caused the high bill and would advise getting in touch via the chat in your Bulb Account, or dropping an email to (I’d email myself but am off next week, so won’t be the best way for you to get a response).