Debt Collection Threatened ... Here's A Tenner!

Anyone else had switch problems? I requested a switch which was confirmed as completed by Bulb on 15th Sept. I just received debt collection threats from npower whilst on holiday, only picking up the paperwork on my return and called them very angry that I’m not even supplied by them any more and can prove it as I have had all the relevant emails and confirmations from Bulb. They investigated and found the Bulb switch on my electricity had gone through but there has been no confirmation for the gas even though my Bulb account said it had. Called Bulb who say “oh sorry the confirmation hasn’t actually gone through but we can try again on the 18th of November! We can give you a £10 credit though” . So now I will have been on the most expensive tariff for gas through npower for 2 extra months, had debt collection threats, had arguments with npower over something that wasn’t their fault, still not sure it is going to go through properly and guess what? It’s ok, they’re going to give me a tenner!!! HOW DOES THIS COMPANY GET SUCH GREAT REVIEWS???


I can well imagine your frustration but not sure why you felt the need to post the exact same comments under three different threads on this forum within a couple of minutes?

As this is a Bulb public community forum none of us customers will be able to specifically say why there has been a problem regarding the gas side of your switch.

I can only think the problem is due to your first gas meter reading which you hopefully supplied to Bulb a couple of days before your switch has possibly not been accepted by the third party independent validation organisation and hence not forwarded onto to npower.

Not sure why Bulb has to wait until 18 November to resubmit again, but I’m reasonably confident the Bulb team will be able to sort this out for you a little earlier?

Point taken. I was angry at the limp response and meh attitude of the call handler I suppose. They haven’t refunded the payment as promised or emailed any kind of confirmation they are dealing with the issue which is disappointing. Believe me if you had heard the conversation you would have incensed too and I was probably hoping they monitored at least the help forum and would look to put things right more swiftly but that is my naive mistake. I am still have no confidence that this has even been addressed but time will tell.

@Mrianlala1 I’m very sorry for the experience you’ve had with Bulb, and also for how this has been handled so far.

We’ve sent you an email to discuss your complaint in a bit more detail, and what the next steps are.

Hi Mrianlala1 it must be quite upsetting to have that occur ! On another note from my experience when people switch energy it is not unusual for the electric to be switched over first followed by gas a few days later ! However I think majority of suppliers aim for both supplies to switch the same day , though may not always turn out that way and so wonder if perhaps that is what may have happened in your situation ? I do however think NPower could be a little more understanding !