I am financial struggling to pay any of my bills plus I can’t even afford to feed myself Wat do I do


From (searching ‘Help’ for the word ‘financial’) suggests:

Please get in touch with us on 0300 30 30 635 so we can discuss how we can help you.

Some of the ways we may be able to help include:

Agreeing to a more convenient payment method
Agreeing on a payment plan based on what you can afford
Advice on how to reduce how much energy you use to lower your bills
Switching to a prepayment meter so you can pay for your energy as you use it by regularly topping up with credit
If you’re already on prepayment meters we can change your repayments to help you manage your bills.
Where can I get independent advice and help with energy debt?

There are various other organisations and schemes that can help if you are having financial difficulties, such as:

Fuel Direct -

A government scheme that arranges for your energy bills to be paid directly out of benefit payments.

StepChange Debt Charity -

StepChange helps thousands of people overcome debt every week. You can call them for free on 0800 138 1111. Don’t fancy a chat? They also have helpful tools such as their Debt Remedy Tool - - and a 60-Second Debt Test - .

National Debtline -

An independent charity dedicated to providing free debt advice to millions across England and Wales. They offer free advice online at - - or through their helpline on 0808 808 4000.

Speak to Citizens Advice.