December 2021 bills

Just received my gas/electricity bill for December 2021 …a whopping £262. An increase of over £100 from same time last year and £60 increase from last month.
I understand prices have gone up, but I nearly had a heart attack when I got this bill.
Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar massive hike this month? This is the most I have ever been charged for my gas/electricity in one month.
Had to increase my monthly payments to £200 a month to try and compensate for this increase.

My last bill was 50% more than the same time last year, but prices have gone up twice this year so it’s to be expected I suppose. I dread to think what they will be next winter if prices go up as much as anticipated in April. :fearful:

My bill has jumped up from £30-40 a month to £160. I get prices have skyrocketed but this is ridiculous! I’m a single person who lives by myself, I don’t use that much electricity or gas. I’m absolutely dreading the prices going up again, it will be a case of being warm or being fed :cold_sweat:

Hi @Bluejames and @prob91 :wave:

I understand a high bill like this will have come as a shock, so I do apologise. Unfortunately the several price increases this year will have had an affect on your bills this winter when comparing them to last year.

@Bluejames at the moment your suggested payment amount is between £167 - 186, so you can get this reduced in your Bulb account if £200 a month isn’t manageable for you.

Hi @CourteneyBF - welcome to community :wave:

I’ve had a look into your account and can see that we have overestimated your usage for gas and electricity in December. Your next statement is due to be generated on the 22nd of January, so I’d advise submitting readings then. You’ll then be credited back anything we have overcharged you.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg, I’ve had a very similar issue and have been trying to get hold of someone to clear this up. I had my Dec bill come through on 19th Dec 2021 which all looked correct and used our meter readings which are always taken automatically the day before we are billed. On the 22nd Dec 2021, I received a new bill (for the same period) which changed our electricty payment to a ridiculous amount - tripple what we were billed on the 19th. When comparing the two bills, the second one (which we’ve already been charged for) has been based on an ‘estimate’ for some strange reason… why are you taking an estimate when you have my readings and can clearly see we’ve only used a third of what you’ve charged me. Please can you explain why this has happened and how we will be credited? Thanks.

Hi Sophie

Thank you for reaching out today and welcome to the community. :smiley:

I’m really sorry for this error, i’ve just had a look at the account and it seems that we were unable to take a reading from your smart meter on the 19th so we estimated your reading. Unfortunately we overestimated your usage. However not to worry I have updated the meter reading which is more inline to what we received on the 22nd. I have revised your bill so this should be with you in a few hours. Once again I’m really sorry for this and if you have any further questions then let me know.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki - that’s great, I’ve got the revised bill which matches what we noted we had used. Thank you so much for your quick response and help! :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie,

You are very welcome, have a lovely weekend. :smiley:

–Suki :hibiscus:

You are doing a great job at Bulb. The most important vast majority of us customers are happy with your service and response, (obviously, or we would not remain!); but one word of friendly advice: Stop using the term ‘reaching out’! Yuk! It’s sickening and SO artificial it spoils half your hard work. What’s wrong with making contact or getting in touch? Happy New Year to you all.:pray: