Decreasing electricity usage throughout winter but price increasing?

I understand there has been a hike but since I started the contract my usage has always been less than predicted and its never been reflected in my charges.

Now my Bill is over 30% higher than it was, I assumed it started off high because the last occupants usage was crazy but its now over £117 pounds just for electricity for a 1 bedroom flat? I live alone, work full time and barely have the lights or heating on, I even stopped using the heating during winter just because of the increase.

Surely this can’t be right?

Hi tezzlever

As far as I concerned bulb are now actively fiddling customers to top up their bank balance. They tried to tell me my usage would be about 30% higher this year compared to last year. Not money, the number of kWh I would consume. When I questioned it I got a nonsense response.
They also haven’t given me a statement since November but want to put my payments up by over £70 a month which I refuse to pay until they produce my missing monthly statements and prove I am underpaying so I cancelled my direct debit. They fitted a smart meter in August and have been incapable of consistently producing statements on time since then.
Are you sure your meter readings and statements are accurate?

I wouldn’t know how to check if the readings I gave them line up with what i’ve been paying but I know for a fact my readings are accurate.

I had a fair bit of credit built up and it really does feel like they have just bumped up my ‘predicted’ to eat into that before we get moved over to another company.
The increase in cost I can understand because thats nationwide, but my predicted usage increasing when my actual usage is decreasing right before the move?
Mega mega suspicious and I agree with you.

Tell me about it!!!

I had a higher bill the month I was mostly away from my home!

Bulb is just a bad joke!

Waiting for them to agree to refund the money they have wrongfull debited from my account before I migrate :cold_sweat:

Can anyone please tell me how to dusconnect the direct debits pls :sweat:

Hi @tezzlever

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At Bulb, we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. So the first payment is taken on the day you switch. At the end of the month, we send a statement summarising your usage based on meter readings, the cost of the energy you used, and the balance on the account. Looking at your account we have not yet received any up to date meter readings so can you kindly update this on your bulb account so we can bill you accurately. Once done so we can take a look at the account and base your suggested payments around your actual usage. I’ve included some potential options below if you are worried about paying for your energy usage. Please let me know if you are interested in any of those, or if you wanted to explore other options

  1. Variable Direct Debit
    Instead of paying a fixed amount on your direct debit each month, your direct debit amount would just adjust to what your bill comes to for the month.

  2. Reduction of payment to £72.19
    This ensures you pay 90% of the suggested payment amount which keeps your payment on track

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Hi @hottentots :wave:t4:

I hope you are well, thank you for posting.

We can offer a Variable Direct Debit , so Instead of paying a fixed amount on your direct debit each month, your direct debit amount would just adjust to what your bill comes to for the month.

Please let me know if this is something you wish for me to amend?

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