Delay for final bill due previous supplier awaiting Bulb readings?

Hi Bulb,

I’ve chased my old supplier(nPower) twice for a final bill, so I can cancel my DD with them and claim back my exit fees from Bulb. However, they are saying that Bulb have not sent them my final readings yet. I sent Bulb and Npower readings at the start of this month. Can you look in to this for me please?

It can take up to six weeks - see

Thanks 198kHz,
I saw that. Was just looking for confirmation that Bulb had completed their side of things. Didn’t want to wait 6 weeks then find out nPower were correct.

HI @Strontium00 as @198kHz says we have indeed sent those reads out and we’re just waiting for the whole validation thing to go through. We were actually told that your particular reads passed validation about 2 days ago-your old supplier should hear the same very soon

Thanks David!

my old supplier has issued a final bill for my gas but says they haven’t been supplied the electricity final reading by you and therefore are continuing to take direct debits for that account. I’ve sent an email to you but quite frankly 5 days is along time to wait for a response when you’re trying to get money back from people that shouldn’t have taken the money in the first place. I’ve given them the readings I gave you to open my account with but they won’t accept them from me. there is no blue live chat button on any pages on this website so i’m unsure how to speed this up short of posting this.

Hey @fantasweets. Gas and electricity meter readings tend to reach your previous supplier at different times. This is because the readings are checked by independent bodies. As you joined us on the 26th of September, it could be a few weeks before you get a final bill. Not all suppliers stop the direct debit before sending out the final bill. You’ll need to stop it at your end. Once you receive the final bill, you’ll get refunded any remaining credit on your account.

I am having a similar problem with Bulb. I switched from Scottish Power in May, and my account with them was closed some time ago, but I still cannot get any usage figures from Bulb despite repeated emails to the support team, and a meter reading every month.

Hi @NeilMathieson. Looks like you’ve been in contact with James at Bulb for a few weeks now. He has been chasing your meter details and has escalated this with their meter operator. James will be sure to be in contact when it is resolved. We’re sorry for the delay. We’ll be able to display the usage figures as soon as we have these details.

I have spoken to Scottish Power, who told me that they are not the blockage.

Hi @NeilMathieson. James is chasing your ‘meter technical details’ from their meter operator team. I can see he has escalated the matter and has put in a complaint.

Normally we’d receive these details before switched over.

I am sorry for the delay, I appreciate this is frustrating. We’ll resolve it as soon as we can.