Delay in displaying payment

Why is there a delay in showing monthly payment when taken from my bank. The payment does not appear in bulb account until a few days later???

Does it really matter? Genuinely, I don’t get why people get so worked up by things like this.

At Bulb you pay a month in advance. Payments are shown as pending on your statement until the last month’s bill has been processed to reflect that position.

Hi @Sheridan120 ,

It’s due to how the Direct Debit process works - if you have a look at my previous post on this subject at (and Gocardless [who are a direct debit provider] who have a guide at Direct Debit timings | GoCardless ) it might help shed light onto how/why Direct Debits work in the way they do and why they seem slow.

Some companies ‘take it on trust’ that once they’ve sent the direct debit instruction to their bank that they’ll get paid - which can be ‘fun’ sometimes if they send out ‘You have paid’ emails but the direct debit then goes on to fail and they ask for the money - 'but you said I had already paid!"… Being open/honest about it the way Bulb does avoids this scenario (although they could perhaps word it better on the account page).