Designing tools for 'behind the scenes'


My name is Nicolo and I’m a Product Designer at Bulb. If you’ve not yet read my intro, you can find out what a product designer does here.

I’m part of the BEST Pod. Nope, this doesn’t mean we’re the best team. BEST stands for Bulb Energy Specialist Tools. Although I think we’re up there…

What’s an Energy Specialist?
At Bulb, Energy Specialists are the point of contact for any member. And they’re the people that know how to help you with your energy account.

What’s an Energy Specialist Tool?
An Energy Specialist Tool is a piece of technology that helps Energy Specialists identify, log and solve member queries.

There are two sides to our member’s energy accounts:

There’s the stuff you see. For example, mobile apps, the Bulb account, and our website.

And there are the things that happen ‘behind the scenes’. This is the stuff you don’t see. And what I help design.

These ‘behind the scene’ processes can sometimes be tricky, which is why efficient tools are key to solve complicated queries.

I work closely with Spyri, our amazing User Researcher, to understand what Energy Specialists need. And our product manager, developers, data scientists, and QA tester build the tools.

Together, we make sure we help deliver a great experience to our members by building the right tools for Energy Specialists to work better, faster and more efficiently.