Diabolical! Service

I have been with Bulb a while but haven’t had to get in touch with them until now! I have moved house and have been trying to submit my metre Reading! Customer service​:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::joy::joy:Joke!! It just says Community!!! They were trying to merge my old and new address!! together!! I have rung and rung and rung: no reply I have emailed and no reply! Well!! They have lost my custom!! I have found a perfect SWITCH! So see you Bulb!! Bloody Nightmare :scream::scream:

If you’ve rung and got through they should have sorted it. Forget emails and webchat …they do not respond to them!!! Who have you gone to ? Please don’t say Symbio, they’re even worse!!!

Is there such a thing as PERFECTswitch?
If you have found an angelic utility company please share it with us so that we can come and join you. Please don’t keep it to yourself

They don’t answer! I waited 30 mins the one day! I haven’t got the patience! To call again!

Good things come, to those who wait.

don’t think she has the patience

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No I haven’t!!! Sarcastic Person! Load of Rubbish and I will tell everyone I know the same not to even think about switching to Bulb!!!

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Ha, Ha, joke!!! Good things how Bloody long do you have to wait!?? Ridiculous Answer!!!

That is who I have gone with now! Good Riddance Bulbbbbbb!!!

My switch to Bulb about 2 years ago was perfect. The two suppliers who I moved from also provided my final bills and refunds in perhaps 3 weeks.

Having said that I have just switched from Bulb to another supplier and that also has gone well, although I haven’t received the final bill from Bulb (only switched a week ago so give it time).

Who are you now with Allanr please???

My comment wasn’t a joke. If you had waited on the phone, even if it took an hour, the issue would have been solved right this second. Because you didn’t wait, it isn’t solved.

I had to call Bulb the other week and it did take 20 minutes to get through but it solved the issue I had emailed about a few weeks before.

green. - not to be confused with any other energy supplier with green in the name.

How is this for service, I noticed a typo error in one of green. FAQ and tongue in cheek I called them on their chat at 23:45 (yes almost midnight) yesterday and one of their team responded in under a minute. After some pleasant back or forth he confirmed he would arrange for the typo to be sorted out, after the chat finished I checked the FAQ and sure enough the document had been updated.

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Thanks that be the one in Newcastle? Was looking at them as their the only supplier that works out cheaper for me. But cannot find any information re customer base etc.

You should not have to wait on the phone for an hour!!! Plus all I wanted to do was give my metre reading but it kept going to community and would not let me do it! If you had read my other messages then you would understand what I was saying! Thank you! Moron!!!

Think you’ve got his name wrong,it’s chapuys not Moron also it’s meter not metre