Did I use 10kWh electric in the past 24 hours?

Hi everyone

I am new to the world of meter reading. I’ve read and submitted readings before but never really paid attention.

Our electricity has been averaging £40 odd pound a month but in july our electricity in particular was £280 :flushed: :dizzy_face: :woozy_face: i am not quite sure what happened as i didn’t think we had used much gas or electric at all (though i am aware prices are rising etc but WOW!)

So it has shocked me into trying to not have that kind of bill again and i’m currently turning everything unnecessary off as much as possible - no wifi, nothing on standby - not leaving phones charging overnight etc - only thing left plugged in and on i think is the fridge. I haven’t been using the lights and we haven’t had the heating on (combi boiler)

So my question really is to do with usage and understanding my readings

Yesterday the electricity meter was at 55663 and today it is 55673 - does that mean we have used 10kWh since yesterday?

As stated, i had hardly any electric devices on and this time last year our average daily usage was 5kWh when i didn’t know or care and left things plugged in all day :sweat_smile:

I’m having similar issues-typical usage £70-£90/month. But I’ve been getting “usages” of “£200/month”. I’m single, use the same devices etc but have “wildly” differing bills and CAN’T SPEAK TO A HUMAN!!!

Hi @amilouyse and @philip,

Welcome to our community and thanks for posting :wave:

I’m sorry about the situations with both of your payments.

@amilouyse I’ve just sent you an email requesting your account details so that I can look into this personally and get back to you via email. Did you recently submit a meter reading for the first time in a while at all? We just need to check over your meter readings :writing_hand:

10 units is not necessarily a lot of electricity to use over the course of a day, so reply to my email and we’ll get that all sorted for you.

@philip I’m sorry about the confusion with your payments. I can see that you recently submitted meter readings (today) and so I have just sent you a statement based upon these readings instead. This has increased your account balance (as the estimated readings were too high). Your new suggested payment is £81.77 in order to use up the credit in your account and you can update this in your Bulb account (or we can do it for you if you just let us know).

I’d suggest submitting readings around 21st/22nd of each month for a few months, so that all of your statements are totally up to date for a few months. This will give you (and us) a good picture of your actual usage each month.

Any questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: