Did not get referral credit

I have given my referral link to a friend and he is sure that he has used it to switch effective 13 Aug 19. But neither of us got any referral credit. I checked my referrals and it seems the referral click is not recorded. Just wanted to check what should I do as he is checking back about the credit.

I have raised a complaint via message from bulb account and in about 24 hours, both of us got credited the referal bonus. They did update that my friend hadn’t clicked on the referal link(which my friend is sure he did) but since the switch was successful and qualifying in nature, they went about crediting the bonus anyway. Thanks Bulb team :slight_smile:

Thought of updating as it might be useful for people looking into this thread to know that the issue is resolved.

Do you have a link where to complain, I can’t find a link…cheers

I logged into my account and navigated to this page: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us
Clicked on ‘send us a message’ and sent my complaint.

From the community, some users seem to have directly emailed help@bulb.co.uk about their problem

Hope that helps. Let us know how u get on with its.