Did you guys run out of the electricity keys?

Switched to Bulb on 07/11/19 yay!
21/11/19 the electricity key has been send out as the Bulb’s email stated
28/11/19 my key is nowhere to see, luckily there is another email from Bulb with big green button “send another electricity key” with promise within 3 days yay!
03/12/19 my key is nowhere to see part 2, calling 03003030635, spoke to a nice lad and promised new key until Friday
07/12/19 is Saturday and instead of patting myself on the back how a good choice I made I have to write this complaint

I understand that I am able to use an old key, unfortunately new key gonna erase all the remaining credit, so I keeping it at £5 max. and I can stand that cashier at my local post office looking a bit weird at me asking every few days for 5 pounds top up, I cannot that the every time I use emergency credit that every time I get charged for it.

If there is a shortage of them or a problem with my address just let me know and I can adapt to the situation, so any advice appreciated.

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My issue has been resolved, thank you.