Didn't recieve Referral for a friend joining

I haven’t recieved a referral for a friend who has joined and questioned this in an email over a month ago 13th June (11:13 BST) to hello@bulb.co.uk and recieved only a we are looking into it and will reply within 5 days reply it has now been a further 26 days and no reply despite a reminder from me on the 27th June (18:44).

My friend did join and I have confirmed that she is now with Bulb, she tried to join and then couldn’t due to needing her meter number. First you snet me a she has joined email on the 23rd March (18:01) and then you sent me a sorry she didin’t join email 12th April (9:04am) and then she used my link again when she had the meter number and joined. Then I got another email that she had joined on the 12th April (11:39) but I didn’t get any referral for this?

Seen as though you aren’t replying to the emails can this be addressed on here?