Didn't think the public had much faith in smart meters anyway



read the link. so why does Bulb not tell their customers about these problems with suppliers? Maybe they’d lose less customers if honesty was prevalent. It’s an industry problem that should have been perfected earlier instead of upsetting us who pay their wages.
I’m going back to my cave.

Why should Bulb provide any information on problems with other suppliers? It’s none of their business to report what difficulties other suppliers have. In any case, Bulb have stressed that many suppliers are having difficulties with their smart meters in terms of giving reasons/excuses as to why Bulb are having so much trouble.

In this particular case this isn’t anything to do with smart meters not working. It’s about those five suppliers not even completing the necessary registration/certification to begin being allowed to use smart meters.


Hey @daviddorrington10 We’ve been clear about the issues with getting first generation smart meters connected to the DCC (central smart network). This is one of the reasons we’ve only ever installed second generation smart meters for our members. We do keep on top of energy news and developments in the industry, but wouldn’t send an email out to our members for an update on something like this, particularly as the suppliers mentioned in the article are all fairly small in terms of customer numbers.

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if you moved up to Cumbria I’m quite sure that nice Mr Wulfe would let you share his.
Perchance over a glass of bats milk you could discuss pseudosceince, getting zapped by gamma rays, waps and all those real and imagined things allegedly pertaining to the harmfulness of smart meters, hell if you remenisce far into the night you may come up with a plan to prevent them taking over the planet

literally has nothing to do with public faith in smart meters. :woman_shrugging:

thanks Matthew now I know.


literally has nothing to do with public faith in smart meters.
True, but the “war of the roses” had literally nothing to do with the price of flowers at the Chelsea RHC :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: ouquet:

Do you understand the article? If you do I would really like you to explain how it links to the publics faith in smart meters. Which if independent body Smart GB is to be believed then public faith in smart meters is up.

I am well aware that it does not directly link to public faith in smart meters, but the point being that the public have so little faith in them why is OFGEM forcing suppliers(with a big stick rather than a carrot) to fob them onto customers who don’t really want them until the kinks have been ironed out

Smart meters are anything but smart. They are a waste of time. They do not save you money and are not needed in order for you to save money on energy bills. All they do, when working correctly, is send usage data to the utility companies and give them the power to isolate your supply remotely. Most people who have them are simply too lazy to submit readings once a month.
There are also a lot of smart meters out there that over-read your usage but that’s been kept quiet by the industry. I’ve come across dozens of smart meters that read kW usage between 10% and 15% more than properly calibrated test equipment.

Put simply, smart meters are an industry wide con.

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A multi-rate tariff such as the Bulb smart tariff, or Octopus Go and Agile, save me money by allowing me to schedule use of my most expensive devices (such as charging my car) to be done in periods where electricity is cheapest. It works out even cheaper than the old style Economy 7, because they typically have very expensive day rates.

It’s exciting to hear multi-rates can be done with a traditional single rate meter and manually sending a reading once per month. Could you explain to me how that works please? I’d love to switch back to a traditional meter but still keep the so-called benefits of my so-called smart meter. The radiation is causing so many headaches.

Thanks in advance.

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