Difference in opening reading dates

I have just submitted my electric & gas opening readings and selected today’s date (3rd Dec) however the electric is showing as 7th Dec (switch date) and the gas is showing as 3rd Dec. Why is this?
Please can you ensure that the dates are aligned.

Hi @Chriss, if this is your first reading, they will both end up showing as your switch date imminently.

Readings taken before your switch date are considered to be for the switch date as Bulb are not your supplier before then.

It’s a little weird, but presuming your old supplier was more expensive, you’ll just pay Bulb a little more and your previous supplier a little less, and save a bit of money.

Hi @Chriss , @mowcius is absolutely correct. We have both of your readings and they’ll be used for your switch date on 7th December. We give a 10 day window for first readings to give people more time to get in customer readings. We’d always rather use your readings. Thanks!

Thank you