different monthly payment

My monthhly payment has been £97.00. But looking at myBulb, it suggests it is (will be) £80. Has this been adjusted to account for the overpayments I have made? Which is great and why I was checking out my payment plan in the first place.

Basically, could my monthly payment fluctuate as the figure suggests, or is there a discrepancy within the different pages on myBulb?

During the winter months Oct-Mar your bills will be higher as you will be using more energy and in the summer time your bills will be lower. This is great way of saving some money!

Yep @loveit , your monthly payments have dropped because we removed winter uplift. As @justina9 explained, winter uplift is a 20% increase on payments from October to March during your first winter. It only lasts for the first one though!

This is because we all use a little more energy in the winter, and we wanted to avoid your account immediately falling into debit. The cost of energy remains the same, it just takes into account that you’re likely using a little more of it.

We won’t ever have a winter uplift for you again as you’ll build up a nice buffer on your account over summer. We’ll continue to keep an eye on your payments to make sure they’re not too high or too low too. If you want to tweak them yourself you’re always more than welcome :slight_smile: