Different rates on updated bill for same period

We had “smart” meters in May and we got an original bill on 26 May and the rates were are expected.
It seems it took a while for whoever to sort out the actual readings and then we got a new bill on the 25 June, crediting the amount from the 26 May bill, with slightly different readings, but this was changed at a higher rate.
Can anyone from the bulb support team tell me why it was charged at a higher rate when it covered the same period.
Yours in hope

Hey @deltaalpha52

The statement that was corrected on the account was for the period 26/06/21 - 25/07/21, the May bill for 26/05/21 - 25/06/21 hasn’t changed.

The reason this was updated was because we received a meter reading on the 26/07 which replaced the estimate in the first bill- I’ve copied in a screenshot to illustrate this.


As the bill was updated, we recredit back the previous bill and rebill to the right readings.

I checked the rates on the bills from June as well and they appear to be the same- is it the tariff rates you meant? We did amend our prices in May which occurred on 21 June which is why there are two sets of tariff rates on that bill in particular.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

–H :bulb:

Hi Holly

Having looked closely and the bills I now understand. The rates on the right had column is what was active when the bill was produced, but what I was charged was the old rates which I can see when looking at the left hand column.

I know the correction for the July bill and that was due to the need for us to enter meter readings as the smart meter was doing it at the wrong time.

Thanks for you rapid response and glad I got that details sorted out.


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