Difficulty with manual readings

I have just signed my 85 year old mother up to switch to Bulb but have subsequently realised it is going to be a problem for her taking regular readings of her account. Her gas meter is positioned high in her garage and she would be unable to give meter readings. She is currently with OVO who track readings remotely. I don’t think you can do this. Can I therefore speak to somebody about cancelling the switch as although Bulb cheaper the hassle of manually reading meters would be inconvenient.

I am not sure of the exact link but you can sign up so someone will come and read it for your mother

Here’s the link: https://bulb.co.uk/accessibility/ Quarterly visits from a meter reader is an option available for people on the Priority Services Register if they have difficulty reading their meters.

You could always sign her up for a smart meter, which will do it for you!

Hi @christos_1 and @Piggyhiggy ,

I noticed today that you can actually sign up for services like the Priority Service Register through your Bulb account - login to https://account.bulb.co.uk/ , go to ‘Account Settings’ ( https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/personal-details ) and around half-way down there is the new ‘Support Services’ section ( https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/priority-services-registration/welcome ) :

We offer free support services if you or someone you live with needs help to manage your energy supply, for example because you have restricted mobility or a learning disability.

Some of the support services we offer include:

helping with meter readings
providing statements in an accessible format
quickly reconnecting your home’s energy supply if it goes out
Registration takes 3 short steps. If you’re eligible, we’ll register you straight away.

which then leads to a page:
Select each service you'd find useful.

[checkbox] Give engineers a codeword so you can verify their identity when they visit you
[checkbox] Priority reconnection if you have a power cut
[checkbox] Home visits to take meter readings every 3 months
[checkbox] Nominate someone to manage your Bulb account on your behalf

Hope it helps!

Thanks @RichyB I have actually used that form myself but had forgotten how to find it!

You could always sign her up for a smart meter, which will do it for you!

Once all the the bugs have been sorted out?

You could always sign her up for a smart meter, which will do it for you!

It’s clear the OP already has a smart meter, which OVO were reading remotely.