Direct debit amount increasing for no reason and without permission / informing me?!

You will see me leaving quickly as you started to charge like all big 5.
That is not fair policy, at first you stand out from the crowd and now this. Time to move on, I guess…

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I’ve just calculated that with my monthly usage being £100 (MAXIMUM) over the next few months and DD payments £171 next week and then £154 (I changed the imposed £171) my account will be break even in February. If Bulb insist on still taking 50% more money from me than my usage :rage: then my option then is to cancel the DD and simply pay the usage amount every month. Or, of course, move to Octopus. How do I contact a human being at Bulb to discuss this?

Yes bulb done same with me. They put my dd up to 175 a month when my balance is 240. And why they keep refusing me a smart meter. Bulb was the best about 4 years ago but now just robbing people loyal people but not any more.

Done the same to us. Increase by 50% with no warning.

We are looking for a new supplier today and will be leaving them asap.

They shouldn’t do an act like this during a global pandemic. Peoples monthly cash flow budget could be ruined by these cowboys increase a DD with no notifications at all.


You have giving no notification at all!!! We are leaving you and looking for a new supplier today.

You actions are disgusting.

Increasing direct debits without warning during a pandemic!! Tasteless!!!


The clear problem is that Bulb have decided that no-one should owe them any money at the end of winter. When I joined in October 2017 no such requirement was made clear and I have never had a supplier who did not budget on an annual basis. I am resisting any attempt to force me to balance other than on an annual basis. If I fail I will leave. Wish me luck


I agree, it’s a worrying flag to me.
I’ve cancelled my direct debit so I can’t build up too much credit, and I won’t be re-instating it.
I’ll just pay by top-up as needed until I switch away.

I have also cancelled my direct debit and will be topping up when needed. Taking extra money from peoples accounts to keep their pockets padded during a pandemic is just disgusting.

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The alternative is to vote with your keyboard, as others have done, this hurts their bottom line even more

No reply to our complaint either or any sign of an @bulb member replying.

We were expecting the normal £100 Direct Debit to go from our bank this morning. But they decided to up our Direct Debit £151 without telling us. Luckily we had money in the bank but imagine if it had made us overdrawn!!

We have now switched to another supplier this morning. Bulb cannot be trusted with our money ever again. I suggest others switch suppliers asap!!

The problem appears to be that whilst you have T&Cs they conflict with one another.

Where in your T&Cs does it say that you need to build up a credit to get you through the winter period?

The T&Cs says you pay in advance (fair enough) , your monthly DD is set at 1/12 of the estimated annual cost (fair enough), you review the amount, date and frequency of your automatic payments at least twice a year to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little (fair enough).

But nowhere does it say you hike the price to such an amount to cover through the winter.

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the same hear. Only been with Bulb for 1 year, payments have increased from £80 per month to a staggering £158 for this month. i am on universal credit so losing another £40+ per month is way over the top and more than i can afford. Of course i cannot change it either even though it is a massive over payment.

Went back to Uswitch put in my yearly usage for both electric and gas and just switched to another company so going back to less than £80 per month. That is probably to low so will probably raise it to around £105.

When i switched last year Bulb was supposed to be one of the best/ cheapest new companies around, man it certainly isn’t that these days.

So i must say thanks to Bulbs “overcharging” for pushing me to sort this out. I am so glad that i am leaving Bulb, hopefully the next company will be better, at least they will certainly not be worse


I saw a predicted bill of £113 the other day so emailed them and 3 days later got a reply.
They said that I should read the blog post that they linked. I said I was not happy. They said I had been emailed to tell me there was going to be an increase. I said that as my account is £220 in credit and I personally set my DD to £90 a month to build up a credit for winter that they were talking rubbish. They said they would reset it to £90 before payment is taken. The App is still showing £113 about to go out of my bank account. Time to look for a new supplier cos these guys are taking the mick a little bit.


Our Direct Debit increased from £100 to £151. After this months payment we are now £40 in credit.

We normally increase the DD ourselves during the winter by £10 to £20. But this was taken out of our hands by Bulb who increased it by £51 when we have never used £151 in a month EVER!!

We have left now due to this.

My advice is go on Trustpilot, leave bad review and warn others of what Bulb are doing to customers.

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We have been with Bulb 10 months, never in debt have over a month in credit & they have increased the DD from £100 to £129 & now £154 without notification, is there any penalty for leaving early? As I do not want to give anymore money to these crooks.

Edit:- Just read this from our Welcome email.

" You can change your payment amount and date
After your first payment, you can change your payment date and the amount in your Bulb Account to whatever you think is best."

More lying by them

No bulb don’t charge exit fees.
" **You can change your payment amount and date
That was before they changed the T’s & C’s

Thanks that’s 2 more customers they have lost today

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Fortunately, I left in February before they really went downhill

Similar problem here but not so severe. Just had my account and payments have been upped by about 50% to over 100 pounds and minimum payment set to over 90. Also when I entered my meter readings I had to provide a photograph of the meter to prove that this month’s actual reading is lower than last month’s estimate.

As an OAP I receive the standard Winter fuel payment and can use this to top up if and when I deem it necessary.

This idea of having to have one month’s credit appears to be no more than an attempt to claw back losses from when Bulb was forced to repay overcharges.

I shall be examining alternative energy suppliers to see what is on offer.


EVERYBODY will use less energy over the Summer months! No prediction required!