Direct Debit Amount More Than doubles

Without my authority. I’ve checked through all my emails and I did not get any correspondence on this atall and I see I am not the only person this has happened to. Who can afford a 110% increase to their bill on 1st January without warning. I’m furious. Is this legal because I certainly didn’t change it to 190 pounds a month

If the DD is a lot higher than your actual bill then you can go to your account and reduce the DD amount as long as you are keeping 1 months credit in your Bulb account.

In addition to what scudo has mentioned

Under the Terms & Conditions Bulb will normally give 10 working days advance of any changes to the DD payment.

It is unclear from your query if the £190 is the cost of your energy for the month (not the DD payment) and if it is based on estimated or actual meter readings.

I wonder why you posted on the forum as opposed to contacting the Bulb team direct as they are best placed to check your account and advise why they may not have sent you an email about the intended increase?

Who can afford a 110% increase to their bill on 1st January without warning.

Your direct debit payment is not the bill.

It’s highly unlikely that you didn’t receive any email notification. This stuff is all automated and either works for everyone or no one.

@Ruthg We sent you two emails with regards to increasing your Direct Debit amount. One on the 17th of October and one on the 7th of November.

We increased your prices because you were using more than you were paying us and in fact were building up a debt. Let me know if you have any questions about this process.