Direct debit before payment date

Changed my direct debit as I was sick of payment being taken shortly before direct debit was taken. Now bulb take it a 3 days earlier, resulting in my account being in debit. The idea was for my payment to be in before payment to bulb account. this would keep my account in credit. It is only a small amount that sows in debt, but it is frustrating. Why did bulb do this are they trying to put account in debit. This month 1st March in debt 24 pounds, But tomorrow 95 in credit. Ive a good mind to change payment date back. Are these tactics, the reason they’re in administration.

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After reviewing your account I can see that the payments have been set up for the 2nd of each month. Depending on your bank these payment dates can slightly differ. I can see that this payment is due to land in the account on 03-03-2022. As there is only a day difference our systems will not contact you right away to state the payments have been delayed. If you wish to change the date again for your payments we can adjust this to the 1st of each month. This can also be updated on your app.

Please let me know if you have any further questions on this.

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Changing the date of the direct debit won’t help you much, I did the same as you shortly after joining Bulb only to discover that the direct debit leaves my bank on the 3rd of each month but shows on the Bulb account on the 5th or 6th of the month.

Meanwhile, my Bulb account is being debited on the 3rd, lowering my credit with them, then the credit goes up again when the direct debit payment arrives 2-3 days later.

Why the payment doesnt show in Bulb account the same day the money leave my bank, I dont know, it`s a mystery.

Bulb are just being self centered, rather than customer focused. If I adjust date further back, I’m sure they would also take payment earlier. I agree as I can move money to someones account it goes in on that date. Hopefully the account will be taken over by a more customer focused company one day soon.

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Already changed the date, and that didn’t work. Very disappointed with the service. Do not change my payment date, if I did that I believe your company would have another reason to take payment early. It goes out of account on 2nd of month, electronic payments don’t take 24hrs.
I can transfer money all the time and recipients receive money within 2 hours at a different bank.

Previous to last, payments were being taken on 4th of month. Strange that this is shortest month but you took payment 2 days early, If you’d stuck to previous payment date, there would not have been a problem

Told you it wont work, Ive already tried 3 years ago :))

They will always take the payment from the bank but the money will be in your Bulb account a few days after the statement.