Direct Debit changes

I used mybulb to change my Direct Debit dates from the 27th to the 5th

I had an email from you on 02/09/2017 saying that my next payment would be collected in 3 days but nothing happened?

What date did you change as I would hazard a guess that it wasn’t fully set up in time

I believe I changed it on 28th August but bulb told me in an email on 2nd Sep that my next payment would be taken in 3 days and that didn’t happen

I keep changing my payment date to the 5th and during the session when I’m logged on it shows the 5th

The next time I log on it has reverted to the 27th

Thanks for checking this @andrew8346.

@angela1094 is right- the change wasn’t made in time for the next direct debit payment to be 5th September. I’m sorry about the confusing email; the date that your emails are aligned to changes immediately when you change your payment date, but the direct debit actually takes 5 days to change via your bank. Your next payment is scheduled for 5th October.

Hi Andrew8346, I have changed that for you, next payment will be 5th October, I have reported the bug and we will get that fixed.