Direct Debit doubled

We have just received a message telling us that Bulb are going to increase the DD from £120 to £256.00 to cover the colder months. We cannot afford such a jump. Why are you expecting customers to pay for energy up front? I’m furious.

You don’t have to put up with allowing Bulb to set your payment amount. You have the option of asking bulb to take the exact amount you owe each month, payable 14 days after bill.
If you have any difficulty getting bulb to agree to this cancel your DD. If you have a lot of credit you can let this be used up before setting up a new DD. You will trigger a message on your account saying you need to fix date and amount - ignore this and you will be charged as described above. Tell Bulb that you are doing this.

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Hi :wave:

So @geevo41 is correct, if you wanted us to take the exact amount on your statement each month, then we can get that set up for you, so just let me know if that is something you would be interested in.

As for the reason for the increase, it was to make sure that you cover your energy usage. Your most recent bills were quite a bit higher than your payment amount, so we increased the payments to prevent your account from falling into too much debit. We have always taken our payments in advance, so that we can buy energy in advance, which allows us to buy the energy cheaper and keep our tariff as low as possible.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke,

Thankyou for your reply, I would like to set the amount at £120.00 but there was only the option to pay a minimum of £206.
You may have always taken payment in advance but I’m sure you’ll agree that such an increase is a concern.

Nicola Joslin

Hey Nicola

Thanks for getting back to us, based on your recent topup we could look at moving your payments a bit lower than £206 but we would not be able to do £120 at this time.

Based on the current usage, this payment would not be enough to cover. In this case you could look at paying £180 and do additional topups if you fall behind, or look at paying on receipt for a few months.

Let us know what you would like us to do.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl,

£180 is still extremely high but more manageable than £206. What does paying on receipt mean?


Honestly, they are trying to fleece as much as they can before they go bust. My biggest regret was joining bulb. Better quit while you can

It’s a waste of time people posting answers if you don’t bother to read the info - read the thread from the top.


Best of luck getting a better deal in today’s climate.


geevo41 - Thankyou for your advice it’s gratefully received and as you can see by speaking with bulb I’m trying to follow it.

Sonny - There are no deals at the moment, energy firms aren’t allowing customers to swap so we are being held to ransom,

Trying to sort all this on top of work and uni is very stressful

Thanks for your reply. I’ve changed to pay on receipt of bill and it’s working fine. If you are in credit this money will be used before calculating amount owed. If you are not on smart meter be sure to provide meter readings every month to prevent estimated bills.

Ok, cool. we will need to do the same I think. We’re on a smart meter so they’ll have accurate readings. Thanks so much for your help

You are very welcome.