Direct Debit Duplication

I’ve recently signed up to Bulb and my transfer date is 11th December. I’ve noticed that you have set up 2 direct debits on my bank account. Please can you look into this for me and correct it as I’m worried that two lots of monthly charges will be taken from my bank account.

@Gill55 From our side I can only see 1 direct debit setup. If you want to cancel both just to be sure, we can make sure that we set a new one up again, just let us know what you will be doing.

Hi, sorry I have only just read your reply to my query. I’ve checked my bank again tonight and there are definitely 2 direct debits set up by Bulb. Your references are quoted as :-

48K6NP8 - Set up on 24/11/2017
F8ATD4Y - Set up on 28/11/2017

As you recommended I have just cancelled both of these direct debits, so can you arrange for a new one to be set up please.


Hi @Gill55 sorry about that DD confusion. We did have a little bug with our DD partners who manage all our transactions. I can see that both mandates were cancelled and my colleague reinstated the DD. Are you all set or do you have any more questions on this?

Hi, I’m due to start with BULB on 13-Dec-2017. I just noticed i have 3 (THREE) direct debits in my Bank Account going out to BULB. Should I cancel all three? Their Reference number on the DD are J4QTZ2V, QKPBZ4S, A7VQGWC.
Thanks… R

@Rambo sorry about this. I have cancelled the duplicates. We will only take one payment.

Hi, I thought the problem regarding the direct debit duplication I queried with you had been sorted. However, this evening I’ve received an email from Bulb saying “We understand you’ve cancelled your direct debit…sorry if you’ve decided to leave us”. I’ve responded to that email explaining I was advised to do this and that I understood a new mandate has been set up. Please can you check this and find out what is happening please.


@Gill55, I imagine that’s just an automated email so I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m hoping it’s just an automated response. It’s just its all so mixed up and a bit worrying for my first impressions of the company. Thanks for your response.

Hi @Gill55

It’s an automated one and we appreciate it’s not the best first impression but we’re trying to clear up the multiple DDs and make sure you’ve got an active DD on your account.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you managed to get through to someone quickly to resolve this.

I’ve just logged into my bank account and see there are 4 direct debits! I’m guessing it’s okay to cancel all except the one that collected on 8th May?

@big_si123 I will clear the incorrect ones for you now