Direct Debit for a Joint Account

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently opened a joint bank account with my partner to use for bills only. What do I need to do to transfer Bulb Direct Debit from my personal account to the new, joint one?
Thank you!

Hi @Younka can change your DD here:

Hi Ben,

Many thanks for the response. Will I be able to set a DD for my bulb account (solely in my name) from a joint account? Wouldn’t it require both of the bank account holders to be registered on bulb account?

Hi @Younka

If you’re one of the account holders in the joint account then it should be fine, however if you want to be extra safe and have your bulb account registered to both names you can email and CC in the person you want to add to the account and you can get them to give permission, we can add their name to account :slight_smile: